DWS is not just content with providing a workshop management system, we are determined to help the automotive repair industry innovate through software and integrated technology. 

New vehicle manufacturing keeps up with new metal and build technology. Tooling keeps up with new manufacturing but but the business end has not kept up. DWS wants to change that by providing solutions that enhance workshop and office efficiencies. The team at DWS are passionate about new technology and innovation and bringing it to the Automotive repair industry.  

If you manage multiple sites and require a white label product with specific customisation 

Check out our current solutions below 

Workshop Management Software 

Our core automotive product for small and large repair shops. Scalable and customisable.

Digital Workshop Eco-System

An Eco-system of integrated solutions providing efficiency, scalability, and profitability. 

Handsfree Inspections & AR functionality 

Handsfree inspections via wearables and AR. Onsite remote training via AR.